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Local Honorary Guest: Ato Mesele Kifle

ESFNA is proud to annouce that this year's local honorary guest will be Ato Mesele Kifle.

ESFNA is proud to annouce that this year's local honorary guest will be Ato Mesele Kifle.

Ato Mesele Kifle was born in Sidamo, Ethiopia in 1951. When he was six years old, his parents sent him to Addis Ababa to receive formal education. He attended Tesfa Kokeb School from kindergarten to eight grades. Ato Mesele attended Leoul Mekonnen High School for two years before his family was moved to Yirga Alem, and joined Ras Desta High school for one additional year. Unlike his primary educational experience, he had to attend one more high school before graduating from Ras Gobena High School in Wolliso. Although attending three high schools seems problematic to some, Ato Mesele remembers his high school days with fondness. One of the many memories of high school for him is his activism. Ato Mesele was one of those conscious students who have had the privileges of seeing many places and Ethiopians traveling with his parents due to job relocations. While he was in high school, he was elected as a student council member and played a major role in the schools activities advocating for land reforms (Merete Le arashu) and others social issues that was concerns for that era.

After completing high school, Ato Mesele started working for Rubber and Canvas (Addis Goma Factory) in Addis Ababa as an Assistant store manager for two years. All along, beginning at a young age, Ato Mesele was a passionate soccer player and fan. After high school, living in the Ledeta area of Addis Ababa he was part of neighborhood teams with the likes of Asrat Haile, Kassahun Teka and Fekadu Muleta?personalities who later became legends in Ethiopian Football lexicon.

Ato Mesele Kifle wasn't of a small talent himself. Before he left Ethiopia, he has played for different clubs including Vaskin, in Addis Abeba, Transportation, in Sidama province and Rubber and Canvas (Addis Goma) in Showa Province First Division.

In 1973, Ato Mesele came to Boston, Massachusetts to seek better education and opportunities for his future. He received his Associate degree from Bunker Hill Community college in 1977, and then went on to receive his Bachelor of Science at the University of Massachusetts in 1979.

Upon his arrival in Boston, he played soccer for the school he attended and also with fellow Ethiopians in the Boston area. Every Sunday, for many years including in the Massachusetts Soccer Association in Boston and its vicinity, he played the game of his passion. In 1976, the Boston Ethiopian Sports Club (BESC) was established. Ato Mesele Kifle was one of the founders and played a prominent role in the creation, organizing, and leadership of the BESC. Ato Mesele has served Boston Ethiopian Sport Club as player, secretary, president, coach, and Board Representative to ESFNA for many years. Besides being one of the founders of ESFNA, Ato Mesele was also the first treasurer elected into ESFNA Executive Committee in 1986 and served for two consecutive terms. Even after he had completed his terms, Ato Mesele has served in ESFNA's sub-committees and has been a valuable mentor and advisor to Executive Committee and Board members alike for the last twenty years.

Ato Mesele is an avid advocate of volunteerism and giving back to the community. His background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and in different leadership roles in the Boston Ethiopian community. He's one of those who have sacrificed his talent, time and resources to advance the growth of the Ethiopian Community in North America.

For his exceptional contribution, he has received certificates, plaques and award in numerous times from ESFNA; he is also a recipient of a Life Time Achievement Award from Boston Ethiopian Sport Club in 2011. 

Ato Mesele is happily married to his wife Weizero Turuwork Taddese for thirty years and is blessed with his beloved daughters Tigist and Meron Mesele along with his grand-daughters Gelila and Eden Yakob.

Thank You, Ethiopian Women.

Happy Mother's Day from the ESFNA Family.

We Honor You, Ethiopian Women

To our mothers and sisters
To our wives and daughters
To our care givers and friends
To our mentors and teachers
To our heroines and leaders
Thank you Ethiopian Women
In all facets of life
For the great example you have always been
For the great compassion and wisdom you have always shown

ESFNA is pleased to dedicate this year's tournament to commemorate our collective gratitude and admiration to Ethiopian women. From our homes, to our schools, our hospitals and battle fields, Ethiopian women have shown great resilience and courage in the face of what seemed to be insurmountable adversities.

As mothers, they went without so their children could. As wives, they persevered the challenges of a male dominated society to be great examples of courage in all our homes and neighborhoods. As daughters and sisters they endured humiliation and modern-day slavery as domestic workers in the Arab world so that their parents and siblings could have a better life at home. At the battle of Adwa, they fought alongside their male colleagues to achieve a world renowned victory. On the athletic arena, our sisters are making history at every turn. From Deratu Tulu and Fatuma Roba to Trunesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar, and Tiki Gelana, our sisters are a force to contend with. ESFNA had the privilege of honoring Deratu Tulu and Fatuma Roba as our guests of honor in previous years and this year has extended its invitation to the London Olympic gold medallists, Tirunesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar, and Tiki Gelana. On the African soccer fields, our women are trail blazers and registering great success continuing the legacy of “Etu Mella Mechie.”

The story of Ethiopian women has always been a story of great sacrifice. ESFNA is humbled and yet over joyed to celebrate and acknowledge the tremendous contributions of Ethiopian women. ESFNA is also eternally indebted to countless entrepreneurial Ethiopian women who have made our vending area one of ESFNA's main attractions.

ESFNA is delighted to hold its 2013 events at the beautiful University of Maryland Byrd Stadium. Come and join us in celebrating and saying thank you to Ethiopian women across the globe.

The one and only ESFNA, Bringing Ethiopians Together!
Often imitated, but never duplicated.

Getachew Tesfaye
Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America

Maryland 2013 Raffle Ticket Program

Raffle tickets are available for purchase from each team!

ESFNA is proud to announce our raffle ticket program for the Maryland 2013 tournament. The successful raffle ticket program we had last year is back with yet other pool of great prizes. This year's prizes are a brand new 2013 Toyota Rav4, two round trip tickets, and one week hotel stay. This year’s tickets are designed to give 50% profit from each ticket sold by the team. The tickets can be bought from your local team before the start of the tournament. Below is a list of teams and their representatives as well as their contact information.

ESFNA Signs Contract with Abay Movies for LIVE Streaming

This year's events will be broadcasted LIVE on our website.

As we prepare to celebrate our 30th Year Tournament and Cultural Event in the DC-Maryland-Virginia metro area, the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Abay Movies to deliver live streaming of this year's events online. Our 30th Anniversary week-long celebration will be held at the University Of Maryland on Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium from June 30th to July 6th 2013. This partnership with Abay Movies is built on the idea of bringing the experience of our annual events to the masses by allowing us to reach a worldwide audience. This will ultimately showcase our core mission of “Bringing Ethiopians Together” on a global scale. Abay Movies will stream ESFNA content for this historic celebration, reaching far and wide. This content will be viewable and sourced from www.esfna.net. Abay Movies will also provide this content on www.abaymovies.com for the public and it's members.

We are extremely excited about this partnership and look forward to having a successful celebration where all of our attendees can continue to enjoy ESFNA.

ESFNA prides itself in creating a unique stage where Ethiopians of all backgrounds, ethnicity, religions and political convictions can come together to celebrate our long enduring unique heritage and diversity that has become our strength through the millenniums.  Our goal and vision over the past 30 years has been to maintain ESFNA’s annual festivities as the Mecca where ALL Ethiopians and supporters can come together once a year to create our own mini Ethiopia in the land of our refuge.

ESFNA prides itself in creating a unique stage where Ethiopians of all backgrounds, ethnicity, religions and political convictions can come together to celebrate our long enduring unique heritage and diversity that has become our strength through the millenniums.  Our goal and vision over the past 30 years has been to maintain ESFNA’s annual festivities as the Mecca where ALL Ethiopians and supporters can come together once a year to create our own mini Ethiopia in the land of our refuge. 

Founded in 1984, ESFNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as building positive environments within Ethiopian-American communities in North America. Its mission is Bringing Ethiopians Together to network, support the business community, empower the young by providing scholarships and mentoring program, primarily using soccer tournaments, other sports activities and cultural events as vehicles.  ESFNA, by virtue of its status is non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic. We adhered to this position all along as legally expected and aligned with our bylaws.

Maryland 2013 Main Guest of Honor

Guest of Honor Arefayne Mitiku

ESFNA is proud to annouce that  this year's main guest of honor will be Ato Arefayne Mitiku.  Ato Arefayne Mitiku was born in 1945 (Eth. Calendar) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The soccer bug that bit him at an early age, saw him frequent several soccer fields in the city that were the breeding ground for talented soccer players of the day.  

It was during this period that Arefayne joined Chains of Unity, a neighborhood club that served as a stepping stone for his eventual inclusion by one of the noted clubs in Addis, Darmar where he was a standout player. Arefayne played for Darmar from 1960-1963. From 1963-1966 he played for the Armed Forces Team based in Asmara. In 1966 he played for one of the premier teams in the country, Embasoira which was based in Asmara. When the Armed Forces Team was re-organized in 1967 and re-joined the federation, he, along with his friends Asfaw Bayou and Alamin Ali were asked to join the team. It was also in that same year that Arefayne was selected for the national team

 Due to health reasons Arefayne retired from the Armed Forces in 1979. Though retired from playing, after taking the first and second course of training to qualify as a coach from Professor Sisay Zeleke and Kassahun Teka respectively, Arefayne had been engaged in coaching several local clubs and youth in the neighborhood, beginning in 1980.Clubs he coached during this period include CELU, Meher Qacha, Birhanena Selam, and Coca Cola.

In addition to coaching Arefayne had also served as a member of the technical committee of the Addis Ababa Football Federation.  Currently Arefayne spends his time by volunteering his services as a project coach in Kolfe and Lideta neighborhoods. Arefayne Mitiku is happily married to Yitayish Mamo and is a father of six children, three girls and three boys.

2014 World Cup Qualifying

Africa: 2014 World Cup qualifying

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Ethiopia cruised to a lone goal victory over visiting Botswana in their 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier held at the Addis Ababa Stadium on Sunday March 24,2013. Substitute Getahun Kebede scored two minutes into stoppage time to secure victory and maintain leadership of the group on seven points from three games. Kebede came on as a substitute after the break replacing Adane Girma. For Botswana, it was their second loss of the campaign and leaves them at the depth of Group A with just a point. 

Five African nations will qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. There will be three rounds of qualifying. The first round sees 24 teams trying to make it into the second round of competition, where there will be ten groups of four teams. The first legs will be played between11-15 October 2013, while the second and decisive legs will take place on 15-19 November 2013.

Ethiopia with 10 men drew 0-0 with Somalia in their World Cup qualifier in neutral Djibouti and win 4-0 in Addis Ababa in the first round and advanced to the second round of the competition to Group A (Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, and Central Africa Republic). 

Second Round

02/June/2012:         Central African Republic 2-0 Botswana
03/June/2012:         South Africa 1-1 Ethiopia
08-12/June/2012:     Botswana 1-1 South Africa; Ethiopia 2-0 CAR
22-26/Mar/2013:      South Africa 2-0 CAR; Ethiopia 1-0 Botswana
07-11/June/2013:     CAR v South Africa; Botswana v Ethiopia
14-18/June/2013:     Ethiopia v South Africa; Botswana v CAR
06-10/Sept/2013:     South Africa v Botswana; CAR v Ethiopia


















South Africa
























In the third round, the ten group winners play two legs to determine who will travel to Brazil.

Special Guests of Honor selected for Maryland 2013

The ESFNA has invited Olympic gold medalists Tirunesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar, and Tiki Gelana, along with Ethiopian national soccer team coach Sewnet Bishaw as the special guests of honor at our 30th Anniversary soccer tournament and festival to be held in College Park, Maryland from June 30 to July 6, 2013. 

In honor of this year's theme, "Celebrating Ethiopian Women", we've extended an invitation to Olympic athletes Tirunesh, Meseret, and Tiki to give the North American Ethiopian community a chance to show their appreciation and support. Their achievements speak for themselves, and their perseverance through competition is a manifestation of the essence that is the Ethiopian woman.

The ESFNA has also extended an invitation to Coach Sewnet Bishaw. As the Head Coach of the Ethiopian national soccer team, Sewnet played a key role in elevating the Ethiopian national team to the CAF African Nations Cup, a feat that had not been achieved in 31 years. He also achieved regional success with the Ethiopian national team in 2005 when he won the CECAFA Cup during his first spell as a manager.

We are hopeful they will accept our invitation and be present to attend our historical event. Our 30th Anniversary soccer tournament will be held at the Capital One Field at the University of Maryland.

30th Year Anniversay: Celebrating Ethiopian Women

Building on the tremendous progress made during late in 2012 and the first few weeks of 2013, we have a few noteworthy items to share on the progress towards DC 2013.  First and foremost, ESFNA is dedicating the 2013 tournament to the Women of Ethiopia.  The theme of this year’s tournament and cultural event is “Celebrating Ethiopian Women.”  Since it’s our 30th consecutive year, it’s not an event any longer.  It’s a CELEBRATION!  What better theme than “Celebrating Ethiopian Women.”  Long admired for their beauty, character and intelligence, the Ethiopian Women are the  bedrock of all our families, the bedrock of all great Ethiopian soccer players/families and more and more so the bedrock of all that is great about Ethiopians in all walks of life.  ESFNA believes it’s time we celebrated our women.  This theme will greatly influence the planning for DC 2013 being fully integrated into our week long celebration highlighting great Ethiopian women and raising contemporary women’s issues.

As you know, this year’s celebration will be held at Capital One, Byrd Stadium at The University of Maryland from June 30 to July 6, 2013. This modern, high tech and world class venue is just the right setting for all our fans to enjoy the success of ESFNA which is the success of all Ethiopians and those that support Ethiopia. Since our last communication in early January, we finalized and signed contracts with UMD for Capital One, Byrd Stadium and the two main ESFNA hotels which are the Sheraton Silver Spring and the Double Tree Silver Spring.  These are great hotels at deep discounts.  We invite and encourage Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join us and use these hotels.  Details can be found at our web site.

For more information, contact PR Officer Yohannes Berhanu at 647-701-8527. For sponsorship and vending matters, please contact Business Manager Melaku Aynalem at 408-373-0606 or 202-257-9791.  

Maryland 2013 Vendor Application Forms Now Available

We are now accepting Vendor Applications online for the Maryland 2013 tournament. Copies of the  Vendor Application Form are available in the DC-Maryland-Virginia metropolitan area. To fill out the application online, or for a listing of local businesses with copies in stock, navigate to the Vendor Application section under Maryland 2013 in the top navigation bar. You can also access the online application directly by clicking on the registration link below.

ESFNA signs contract with University of Maryland

In preparation for its 30th Anniversary, ESFNA signed its contract with University of Maryland. ESFNA will host its annual tournament in Metropolitan DC Area at University of Maryland Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium starting June 30 to July 06 2013. ESFNA would also like to announce that Vending Application is now ready. For more information please contact our Business Department at 408-373-0606, Melaku or 202-257-9791, Alem. Discounted Hotel Rates will be posted on our website ,www.esfna.net , as soon as we finalized the hotel contracts.






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